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Pathways to Change


Awareness Capsule (One Pagers)

These articles are part of a series of one pagers recently launched by CUTS with the objective of generating economic literacy and enhancing awareness about key socio-economic issues relating to the Indian as well as global economy.

Breaking Old Barriers: Sino-Indian Relations Making Headway
With the focus now firmly on development, India-China relations is shifting to one of cooperation from that of conflict, driven by increasing economic dependency on each other. Many avenues for mutual benefits through collaboration await the fast growing Asian giants.

Indian Exports: Revival But No Room For Complacency
India’s export performance over the last six months (up to April 2010) has significantly improved. Year on year exports figures indicates a growth of over 27 percent during the six month period. This gives a clear indication that the adverse impacts of financial crisis is over. If the present trend continues, India’s exports could achieve an unprecedented high and cross US$200bn mark in 2010-11.

GM Crops: Need For Scientific Consensus
The world community is awaiting any consensus on what to do with the GM crops. Confusion continues among the scientific community and this percolates further down to the government, CSOs, media and the public at large. The adoption of this potential source of food security – field evidence indicates definitive productivity gains – should not be railroaded because of mere confusion. Consensus must, therefore, emerge among the scientific community – the opinion makers in this regard.


Policy Option Notes


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