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Developmental Issues


Decmeber 2012

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ICC's World Trade Agenda initiative
WTO News, 06 December, 2012

WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy, during a briefing by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) on its World Trade Agenda initiative at the WTO on 6 December 2012, said "with the Doha Round as a package at an impasse and political energy for international initiatives at a low ebb, a strong push by business is needed if we are to successfully deter protectionism and infuse trade policy with new energy and vigour." More...

Aid for Trade review
WTO News, 06 December, 2012

WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy, in opening the FERDI, ITC and World Bank Workshop on Aid for Trade at the WTO headquarters on 6 December 2012, expressed the hope that the Fourth Global Review of Aid for Trade next year will "highlight the main constraints which firms in developing countries face in connecting to value chains and the support that is being provided to address the constraints". More...

The world economy needs
WTO News, 05 December, 2012

WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy, in his annual report to members on developments in the international trading environment, said: "The world needs a renewed and stronger commitment from all Governments to revitalize the multilateral trading system that can restore economic certainty at a time when it is badly needed. The policy determination to resist inward-looking policies seems to be faltering in some countries, even as the world economy needs more trade to stave off recession." More...





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