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Regional Integration in South Asia


October 2018

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India's isolation from its neighbours is senseless
Telegraph India, October 16, 2018
Our government invited heads of Southeast Asian states to the last Republic Day parade; none of them looked thrilled at the honour. India should look for more intelligent ways of relating to its neighbours, especially Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Southeast and Southwest Asia. More...


RCEP Ministers Assess Progress, Call for "Further Improvements" Ahead of Year-End Target
ICTSD, October 18, 2018
Ministers representing 16 Asia-Pacific countries called for “further improvements” in negotiating a sweeping trade accord, while outlining some advances in talks on the framework of rules for the planned agreement. The meeting, held in Singapore, comes ahead of a 2018 target for endorsing a “package” of agreed outcomes. More...


How not to engage with Pakistan
Business Iine, October 04, 2018
Pakistan remains the sole country, stalling movement on economic integration in South Asia. Imran Khan is keen on having an early SAARC Summit in Islamabad. But, the reality is that it is not just India, but Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India and Bhutan, who have felt uneasy about having a SAARC Summit, in a country sponsoring terrorism across South Asia.  More...












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