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December 2010

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India suspends talks in WTO on drug seizure row with EU
Deccan Herald, 23 December, 2010

India today said it is not pursuing the dispute on drug seizures with the EU in WTO, for the time being, as the 27-nation bloc has assured to amend rules to stop re-occurrence of such incidents.  More...

U.S. threatens WTO action on China rare earth curbs
Reuters, 23 December, 2010

China has refused repeated U.S. requests to eliminate export restraints on rare earths that have rattled its trading partners, the U.S. Trade Representative's office said on December 23. More...

WTO Ag Talks To “Hit the Ground Running” in January – Chair
Brides Weekly Trade News Digest, 22 December 2010

Farm trade negotiators must “hit the ground running” when they have s return to the WTO in January, the chair of the Doha Round agriculture talks warned last week. However, with no new signs of whether major players can offer new concessions, delegates are hovering between renewed hope and scepticism on the prospects for any breakthrough in the troubled multilateral negotiations.  More...

Brazil wins WTO orange juice case against US
The Daily Herald, 20 December 2010

The World Trade Organization ruled in Brazil's favor in a dispute over the United States' anti-dumping measures on orange juice imports, Brazil's Foreign Ministry said on Monday.

The decision by the WTO was preliminary and could be appealed by Washington, a spokeswoman for the ministry told Reuters.

U.S. Trade Representative office spokeswoman Nefeterius McPherson confirmed that the WTO had made an interim report on the case, but said it was still subject to possible revision. "Any discussion of appeal or compliance with findings is premature," she said. More...

China Says It Will Appeal WTO Tariff on Tires
Reuters, 17 December 2010

China plans to appeal a World Trade Organization ruling that the U.S. was entitled to impose extra safeguard duties on Chinese tires, the Ministry of Commerce said on Tuesday. More...

China's foreign trade to hit new high, but exports environment worsens
English.news.cn, 17 December 2010

China's foreign trade is expected to hit a historic high this year, yet the nation's exporters are likely to come up against more trade barriers as the world economy struggles to stage a bullish recovery. More...

WTO upholds US tariff on Chinese tyres
The Economic Times, 14 December 2010

The World Trade Organisation on Monday upheld the duty imposed on Chinese tyres by the US, seen as a major victory for the American business.

"We have said all along that our imposition of duties on Chinese tires was fully consistent with our WTO obligations," the US Trade Representatives, Ron Kirk, said in a statement. More...

Geographical indications talks gear up for 2011 endgame
WTO News, 10 December 2010

WTO intellectual property talks, which are about setting up a multilateral geographical indications register for wines and spirits, became the latest on 10 December 2010 to aim for an endgame spurt in early 2011 and a conclusion to the whole Doha Round by the end of the year. More...

Indian generics to be safe from seizure while passing through EU
The Economic Times, 10 December 2010

Pharmaceutical exporters can breathe easy as the European Union has finally agreed to India's demand to amend its Customs regulations to stop confiscation of drugs en route to African and Latin American countries. Till the amendment is brought about, the European Commission has promised that no further seizures would take place at any European port, a government official has said. More...

U.S. Businesses Seek Gains in WTO Entry
The Moscow Times, 10 December 2010

With Russia's accession to the World Trade Organization looking likely sometime next year, companies are now starting to contemplate the opportunities that could form on a level global playing field.  More...

Bangladesh again elected LDC coordinator at WTO
The Financial Express, 05 December 2010

The Group of the least developed countries (LDCs) unanimously elected Bangladesh as their coordinator at a meeting held at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) headquarters, Geneva.  More...

WTO rejects EU concessions to Pakistan
Central Asia, 04 December 2010

The World Trade Organisation (WTO) has rejected a European Union (EU) move to offer tax concessions under the Generalised System of Preference (GSP) to Pakistan for its export items. More...

EU offers out of WTO settlement on drug seizure row
Business Standard, 02 December 2010

The Government today said the EU wants to settle the row over seizure of Indian generic drugs by some European Union members without involving WTO.  More...

WTO: World Trade Growth Slowed Sharply In 3Q
The Wall Street Journal, 01 December 2010

The rebound in the value of world trade flows slowed sharply in the third quarter, an indication that the global economic recovery has lost some momentum.  More...





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