Action plan to promote energy efficient programme

IANS, January 28, 2012
The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) will devise a joint plan of action in cooperation with the department of consumer affairs and consumer organisations to promote energy efficient products in the country.

This was disclosed by Ajay Mathur, BEE director general, while releasing an industry survey here Saturday.

Conducted by CUTS International, the survey says that there is a need to boost investment for energy-efficient products to sustain economic growth in a energy-deficient country like India.

“A sustained growth of the Indian economy will be constrained by unavailability of energy, and therefore bringing in an era of energy efficiency makes great sense,” Mathur said, commenting on the findings.

More than 20,000 households and 500 traders spread India and 50 producers from across the country participated in the survey.

Mathur said the survey highlighted the need for consumer awareness in the use of energy efficient products.

According to the survey, nearly 23 percent of consumers of energy efficient products are lowly satisfied or indifferent. “This needs to be urgently looked into and addressed,” CUTS International said in the survey.

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