April 2010

China setting example on climate change: Barroso

China.org.cn, 30 April 2010
China’s economic achievements in renewable energy show that fighting climate change is a win-win solution for all, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said during a visit to Beijing.

Changes in foreign trade policy in the offing

The Economic Times, 28 April 2010
The foreign trade policy announced last year could be amended after the directorate general of foreign trade (DGFT) has completed its review of individual export sectors.

DGFT should ensure intended flexibility to exporters

Business Standard, 26 April 2010
In the year 2005, the commerce minister announced that ‘different categories of advance licences, i.e., advance licence for physical exports, advance licence for intermediate supplies and advance licences for deemed exports have been merged into a single category for procedural facilitation and easier monitoring’. Five years later, confusion still prevails regarding whether this announcement has been actually implemented or not.

Agriculture Will Propel Growth in Recovering Economies

All Africa.com, 30 April 2010
The Agriculture sector will provide the anchor for recovering economies in East Africa, reports the Africa Review ahead of the World Economic Forum on Africa next week.

Government launches new foreign investment policy document

Hindustan Times, 01 April 2010
The government on Wednesday launched a new policy document consolidating the plethora of rules and norms governing foreign investment in the country under one comprehensive document.

World Bank, Poverty, Aid, NGOs, and Development Paradox in Nepal

Global Politician, 01 April 2010
If we turn over the pages of any development books related to Nepal and other developing nations of the region, we are continually confronted by the issues of “poverty,” “poverty traps,” “incidence of poverty,” “poverty line” and what not.