August 2013

Accountability is key to effective development goals

The Guardian, 20 August, 2013
At September’s UN general assembly, member states will debate what should replace the millennium development goals (MDGs) when they expire in 2015. The official conversation is moving quickly, and the month ahead will offer a significant opportunity for public review before the process moves behind closed doors.

World economy at a watershed

Dhaka Tribune, 20 August 2013
Rapid economic growth in not only China and India but also in Brazil, Turkey and a number of African countries is resulting in a historic shift in the spatial distribution of global economic power.

India’s cash transfer model: a rushed and flawed welfare scheme?

The Guardian, 19 August 2013
The Indian welfare state is set for a reinvention, as subsidies of all kinds are in the process of being monetised into cash transfers. Aapka paisa, aapke haath (your money in your hands) is the pithy election campaign slogan that is meant to convince the people of the merit of cash transfers, but is the Indian state ready for the switch to cash?.

Adapting to climate change – one ecosystem at a time

The Guardian, 07 August, 2013
Climate change doesn’t just affect the natural environment but the whole ecosystem that depends on it. Successful adaptation then, needs to put local communities at its centre.

The global economy is now distinctly Victorian

Financial Times, 06 August, 2013
The global economy is getting back to normal. That does not mean a rapid return to full employment nor to a low-risk world for investors. It means that the underlying realities of globalisation are becoming clearer: ours is a multipolar world, where the technological convergence between rich nations and capable poor ones is rapid.

UN must prioritise equality, urge world’s most marginalised people

The Guardian, 06 August, 2013
Equality before the law, corruption-free government, inclusiveness, gender equality, and respect for the environment are among the priorities for any future set of development goals, according to some of the world’s most marginalised people.