December 2018

WTO members voice commitment to intensify fisheries subsidies negotiations in 2019

WTO, 20 December 2018

At the meeting of the Negotiating Group on Rules , heads of WTO member delegations declared their commitment to intensify negotiations on fisheries subsidies in the new year. More…

G-20 agreement backs ‘rules-based’ order but bows to Trump on trade reforms.

The Guardian, 1 December 2018

World leaders have signed off on an agreement which reaffirms a basic commitment by the world’s biggest economies to multilateral trade and a “rules-based international order”, but bows to US demands for urgent reform of the World Trade Organisation (WTO). More…

WTO to set up dispute panel in India-US case on steel , aluminium duties.

Economic Times, 4 December 2018

India has a significant export interest to the US on the steel and aluminium sector. India export steel and aluminium goods worth about USD 1.6 billion a year to the US. More…