E- list: This will be a dynamic list of persons related to the GRANITE project. The list would facilitate constant interaction and exchange of information among all its members. The members have been divided into six (6) broad categories:

  1. National Coordinating Unit (NCU) & State Partners (Nodal person and Programme Coordinator)
  2. Project-relevant state government and central government employees
  3. CSOs/CBOs
  4. Key persons such as representatives from media, academic & research institutions, donor agencies, grassroots groups, etc.
  5. Project Advisory Committee.
  6. State Reference Groups (SRGs)


This list will be updated on a regular basis as the project goes along.

E- group: This is a closed group of the GRANITE project members comprising of:


  1. National Coordinating Unit (NCU)
  2. State Partners (Nodal Person and Programme Coordinator)
  3. Key persons from the NCU and state partners


Such a group will allow active sharing of information among all its members by providing multi-way communication.

Group Email address: GRANITENETWORK@yahoogroups.com