February 2019

Accenture builds sustainable trade ‘Circular Supply Chain’ blockchain to trace and track goods

SiliconAngle February 26, 2019
Global professional services company Accenture Plc announced Monday the launch of what the company calls the Circular Supply Chain: a blockchain distributed ledger that connects sustainable trade practices with producers, suppliers, processors, wholesalers and consumers.

Crowdfunding the Sustainable Development Goals

UN Dispatch, February 13, 2019
A new study from the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School says crowdfunding may be a viable strategy for financing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). According to UN estimates, achieving the 17 highly ambitious global goals by 2030 will cost a hefty $5 trillion to $7 trillion a year – about $4 trillion of which is required in developing countries. Yet every year, we fall about $2.5 trillion short. With only 11 years left until 2030, experts are submitting a variety of suggestions.

How trade wars pose a threat to the global economy

UNCTAD, February 8, 2019
In a year defined by retaliation and counter-retaliation, resulting in a trade impasse between the United States and China, more than half of the two nations’ bilateral trade has been impacted by succeeding escalating rounds of tariffs. Who is winning or losing depends on whom you ask, but regarding trade flows, it’s certainly neither of the leading contenders.