About kolkata summit

The Asia rebalancing policy of United States of America underpins the economic and strategic importance of the Asia-Pacific region in the evolving new “global economic and strategic order” of the 21st Century.

Consequently, the United States has envisaged the idea of “Indo-Pacific Economic Corridor (IPEC)” that bridges gaps between the South and the Southeast Asia to promote peace, stability and economic prosperity.

Whats new

​1. ​IACP – Round Table Meeting July 19, 2017, Kolkata

Objective: ​Main objective of the meeting is to discuss and update about the post connectivity conference experience, outcome and future planning.

2.​ Conference on Facilitating Connectivity in Bay of Bengal Region 11 April, 2017, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Executive Summary​


Energy Cooperation

posted by admin on 26th jan 2015

Countries in the BBIN region are typically characterised by moderate economic…

Trade and Investment

posted by admin on 26th jan 2015

Tremendous potential exists for increasing trade between South and Southeast Asia…

Maritime & inland waterways connectivity

posted by admin on 26th jan 2015

Oceans and major rivers divide people, but they also connect them…

Bay of Bengal Business Forum

posted by admin on 26th jan 2015

(U) Embassy New Delhi has invited regional U.S. Ambassadors to lead…