January 2019

Shift to bilateral negotiations challenge for Bangladesh trade: UN

News age, January 23 , 2019

The next few years would be crucial for Bangladesh as it has to go for power-based bilateral negotiations with major trading partners as the country would be unable to rely on multilateral trade preferences due to its graduation from least developed status, according to a United Nations report. More…

Brexit lessons for Sri Lanka

daily Mirror, January 21 , 2019

The two centres of Western powers are experiencing crises of policy decisions that were adopted in 2016. The simplistic narrative would be the desire for Trump administration to keep people out across the US Mexico border and for Britain under Cameron wanted to get out of the European Union. Both are huge political gambles and reaching their political high points as the two initiatives have become catalyst of a meltdown of governance in the United States and the Government in the United Kingdom. More…

South Asia’s changing geopolitical landscape

ORF online, January 18, 2018

Over the years, certain geopolitical developments molded the South Asian landscape, forcing both India and Pakistan to adapt and change their foreign policy priorities. More…