June 2012

Aid for cotton nears $400m, but some WTO Members fear new subsidies

WTO News, 29 June, 2012
Development assistance since 2005 for cotton producers, mainly in Africa, is approaching $400 million, WTO Members heard on 29 June 2012, in a meeting where several members also said they were concerned about subsidies proposed in a new US Farm Bill.

Pascal Lamy: `Sustainable development is at the heart of Rio+20 and the WTO`

WTO News, 20 June, 2012
WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy, in his speech at the Rio+20 Earth Summit on 20 June 2012, said that “we must strive to take the Multilateral Trading System forward, so it may help us place the global economy on a sustainable development pathway”.

Rio+20: Economic Growth At Core Of Summit

OPB News, 15 June, 2012
Next week’s Rio+20 summit, taking place June 20-22 in Rio de Janeiro, marks the 20-year anniversary for the first Earth Summit on sustainable development.

Africa experiences growth despite challenging global economy

Coastweek, 15 June, 2012
A new report indicates that despite the effects of the world economic downturn, Africa will experience economic growth that is fairly robust,” said Robert Vos, director of the development policy and analysis division of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA).

Modern insolvency system key to economic growth in emerging economies

Businessday, 15 June, 2012
A well articulated modern insolvency law is the hallmark of any mature modern economy that is serious about growth. It is important for emerging economies, around the world, including countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America to place premium on effective use of these laws as it would help deepen foreign direct investment in their country.

World Bank Urges Developing Countries to Strengthen Domestic Fundamentals

AllAfrica, 15 June, 2012
Developing countries should prepare for a long period of volatility in the global economy by re-emphasizing medium-term development strategies, while preparing for tougher times, says the World Bank in the newly-released Global Economic Prospects (GEP).