Expected Outcomes

Other than the advocacy document and briefing papers, the expected outcomes of the project are as follows:

  • Governments, business community and civil society organisations in India and the GMS countries will be able to better understand the linkages between economic cooperation, development and poverty reduction.
  • The project will assist ongoing efforts to strengthen policy assessment (on economic cooperation) capacity (by governments, business community and civil society) by looking at issues through ground realities.
  • A network of policy-makers, business community, civil society organisations and other stakeholders will be developed, which will exchange regular information on ground realities about trade and investment cooperation between India and the GMS countries.
  • The project will develop an institutional framework to enhance linkages between governments, business community, civil society organisations and other stakeholders, thus an applicable (in different situations) model for exploring and enhancing South-South economic cooperation (and the role of different stakeholders) will be in place.

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