The following organisations are partner to this project:

  • Cambodia: Economic Institute of Cambodia (EIC)
  • India: Research and Information System for the Non-aligned and Other Developing Countries (RIS)
  • Lao PDR: National University of Laos (NUoL)
  • Vietnam: Institute of World Economics and Politics (IWEP)

Brief Description of the Partner Organisations

Economic Institute of Cambodia :

Registered in February 2003 as a Non-Governmental Organisation, the EIC is a think tank committed to enhance the awareness of Cambodian stakeholders on development issues and to participate in the formulation of sustainable economic development policies and strategies that will equitably benefit most, if not all, Cambodians. It is involved in developing Cambodia’s socio-economic database and modeling, conducting policy-oriented research on issues of relevance in trade, investment, poverty reduction, private sector development, social justice, economic governance, and other areas.

Contact Persons:

Sok Hach (Director) & Neak Samsen (Research Fellow)

National University of Laos:

The National University of Laos has been established in June 1995, by merging ten existing Higher Education Institutions and a Centre of Agriculture. The aim of the Foundation of the NUoL is to rationalize the Higher Education of Lao PDR, making it more efficient and more effective in its task of training human resources for the country.

Contact Persons

– Khamlusa Nouansavanh (Dean) & Phosy Chanhming (Head of Faculty of Economics and Management)

Research and Information System for the Non-aligned
and Other Developing Countries:

RIS is an autonomous research institution established with the financial support of the Government of India. It is India’s contribution to the fulfillment of the long-felt need of the developing world for creating a ‘Think-Tank’ on global issues in the field of international economic relations and development cooperation. RIS has also been envisioned as a forum for fostering effective intellectual dialogue among developing countries. It functions in close association with various governmental bodies, research institutions, academicians, policy-makers, business and industry circles in India and abroad.

Contact Persons:

K J Joseph (Sr. Fellow) and Prabir De (Research Associate)

Institute of World Economics and Politics:

Institute of World Economics and Politics (IWEP) is a governmental research institute within the Vietnam Academy for Social Sciences. Founded in 1983, the Institute is one of the Vietnam’s leading research Centres which provide advice and recommendations for policy-making bodies of Communist Party and the Government of Vietnam. It is one of the think tanks, which is assigned to assist the Vietnamese government and the Communist Party of Vietnam in designing policies and strategies for development through socio-economic policy recommendations.

Contact Person:

Doan Hong Quang (Research Fellow)

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