Milestones for 2007-2008

The project aims at the following milestones to be achieved:

By 31st July 2007, CUTS CITEE will conduct the Project Inception Workshop to finalise the terms of reference for conducting research in the first year of the project. Subsequently, a preliminary list of beneficiaries comprising grassroots groups, politicians, policy-makers and civil society groups in India and abroad to be targeted will be prepared in collaboration with the project partners.

By 31st August 2007, a standalone note on “how to better engage with politicians and policy-makers” on issues related to the political economy of economic governance in India, particularly in the context of formulation and implementation of the National Foreign Trade Policy of India, will be prepared.

By 30th November 2007, the project partners will prepare the first draft of the research paper for the purpose of advocacy and networking.

By 31st December 2007, a standalone note on “advocacy and networking strategy” to enhance the space for the Indian civil society to better intervene on issues of the political economy of economic governance in India will be prepared.

By 31st January 2008, the project partners will conduct three outreach meetings in order to sensitise the poor at the grass-root level on a specific issue and to get their views and concerns for further advocacy and networking.

By 29th February 2008, CUTS CITEE will collate the research papers done by the project partners.

By 31st March 2008, state- and national-level networking meetings with policy-makers, business representatives and civil society organizations will be conducted.

By 30th April 2008, the project partners will conduct state-level networking meetings with policy-makers and other relevant stakeholders.

By 31st May 2008, CUTS CITEE will conduct the national-level networking meeting, along with a project review meeting in order to discuss activities to be implemented in the second year involving project partners and other associates.

By 30th June 2008, CUTS CITEE will prepare a stocktaking report of the project, incorporating the activities with key messages, outputs and outcomes, which will be electronically disseminated to relevant stakeholders both in India and abroad.

By 30th June 2008, the narrative and financial report of the implementation of the project to the donor agency will be submitted.

The milestones listed above will be followed in the second and third year of the project, i.e. during July 2008 to June 2009 and July 2009 to June 2010.