Participants: Policy-makers at the national level, media persons from national media, project team from all the state partners, targeted stakeholder groups from all state partners.
Objective: To ensure better targeting and wider outreach and networking, to consolidate the findings of all the state partners and undertake advocacy at national level for the formation of National Trade Policy Council (NTPC).
Timeframe:One in each of the two years of the project in November; 2005 and 2006.
Methodology:National seminar involving key government officials and other functionaries.

The target audience will be the policy-making community at the national level, state partners and stakeholder groups from each partner state. There will be one national seminar in each year. Although the seminars fall within the domain of the NCU, however the same would be done in consultation with all the state partners.

Current Status

National Seminar on Globalisation and India:Voices from the Ground was organised at Lucknow on December 18-19, 2006.

National Seminar was organised at Jaipur on November 13-14, 2005