NEED takes ‘GRANITE’ approach to tackle poverty

NEED takes ‘GRANITE’ approach to tackle poverty

May 20, 2005, The Indian Express

The Network of Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (NEED) has initiated a unique pro-poor project in eight states of the country to ensure that a real attempt should be made to attend and highlight problems at the grassroot level.

The name of the project is Grassroots Reachout And Networking in India on Trade and Economics (GRANITE).

The project is co-ordinated at the national level by the Centre for International Trade, Economics and Environment. Uttar Pradesh also figures in the list of eight states where the project is being implemented.

The project focuses on two sectors of economy, agriculture and textile and clothing. Only these two sectors have been selected under the project as they are greatly affected in the new economic environment that has been subject to economic reforms in the last decade, said Anil Singh, Chief Executive, NEED at a press conference held at city’s Sagar International hotel.

The principle activities of the GRANITE project include organising the project launch, organising Grassroot Reachout meetings in different regions of the state, organising state-level workshop, organising media workshop, printing and distribution of quarterly newsletter, printing and distribution of briefing papers and associated activities.