National Coordinating Unit

CUTS-CITEE will manage the project as a “National Coordinating Unit” (NCU) and in partnership with civil society organisations in different states. Partner organisations will be involved and engaged with the implementation of each and every activity of the project. The project management team will coordinate communication between and among the partner organisations.

Project Management Team at State level

In each partner organisation, a programme coordinator has been recruited to specifically work on this project. Other than the programme coordinator, there will be a nodal person in each partner organisation to act as a link between CUTS-CITEE and partners.

Monitoring Process

The following monitoring process will be followed during the entire duration of the project:

  • Every six months, partner organisations will send an activity report, on the basis of which the project management team will prepare a progress report highlighting the achievements and difficulties. This will be submitted to donors and to the members of the project advisory committee. This will also be shared with partner organisations. The quality of work of partner organisations will be continuously evaluated.
  • The project coordinator will provide two visits to all project partners (except in Rajasthan and West Bengal) once in a year. Other than taking stock of the progress, these visits will be utilised in attending state level workshops.
  • Statutory technical and financial reports will be submitted to Novib, as per the schedule.

The project staff, programme coordinators and nodal persons from partner organisations will form the project management team.