Promoting Inclusive Value Governance in Brahmaputra and Meghna Basins through Multi-stakeholder’s engagement – year: 4

Project Goal

Reduced poverty and marginalization of vulnerable river basin communities through increased access to, and control over, riverine water resources, on which their livelihoods depend.

Timeline: October 2020 to September 2021

Focus Basin Brahmaputra and Meghna basins
Focus Countries India, Bangladesh and Bhutan

Activities under Year – 4

Project Objective:

Objective 1: Improved policies and practice of governments that protect the rights of river basin communities to water resources.

Outcome 1: Government policies and practices in water resources management are more inclusive of community concerns and meet national and international standards.

Output 1.1: Dialogue with local and sub-national governments/regional/sub-regional institutions through joint visits and exchange of analytical findings;

Output 1.2: Local and sub-national governments/regional/sub-regional institutions started providing policy spaces/ started listening to community concerns through sustained dialogue based on strong data and policy analysis.

Objective 2: Improved policies and practice of private sector and other actors that respect the rights of river basin communities to water resources.

Outcome 2: Practices of private sector respect community access to water resources actively contributing to reduce.

Output 2.1: Private sector started engaging with/providing dialogue spaces to the communities on the issues of water governance (special focus on women and indigenous community);

Output 2.2: Private sector adhering to responsible business guidelines and compliances including human rights.

Objective 4: River basin communities’ increasingly influence in transboundary water governance policies and processes.

Outcome 4.2: Local communities have more secure access and control over their water resources.

Output 4.2.1: Communities fishing, irrigation and water rights are recognized and respected by duty bearers at various levels.