Linkages between trade, development and poverty reduction (TDP)


Development Relevance

International trade is perceived as a means to reduce poverty, but not an end in itself. Linkages between trade and economic growth, and economic growth and poverty reduction are well established in the economic literature. Yet, despite the existence of theoretical literature explaining the linkages between trade, development and poverty reduction, insufficient empirical evidence exists to prove the robustness of this linkage. However, in the era of globalisation, the role of international trade in poverty reduction cannot be denied and therefore, more research is required to explore these issues objectively and provide the ground for an informed discussion between relevant stakeholders.

Contribution to Policy Intentions

Activities to be implemented will contribute to the sustainable economic development in poor countries by improving the international policy environment on trade and related issues. This enables the manifestation of the role that international trade can and should play in enhancing development and reducing poverty.

The project will contribute to the policy debate for achieving the Millennium Development Goals, particularly by examining the aspects of partnership between the different stakeholders to achieve the MDGs.