Linkages between trade, development and poverty reduction (TDP)

Report of National Dialogues 2008

Report of National Dialogues 2008

Towards a Coherent Trade and Development Strategy of India–New Delhi, 24-25 July 2008

This National Conference was held at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi on 24-25 July 2008 aimed to provide a forum for discussion on the dynamic relationship between international trade and poverty reduction, at the national as well as international levels. It addressed the need for mainstreaming India’s national development strategy to make use of the beneficial role that international trade can play in enhancing development and reducing poverty.

The event discussed the following thematic issues:

  • Regional Trade Openness Index, Income Disparity and Poverty
  • The need for Mainstreaming International Trade into the National Development Strategy of India
  • Responding to the Challenges of International Trade and Securing an Inclusive Path to Development
  • Participants included civil society organisations, farmer associations, business associations, media, academics, government officials, representatives from international and inter-governmental organisations, the donor community, media persons, etc