Linkages between trade, development and poverty reduction (TDP)


An Interim Stocktaking Reportt

The methodology involved is by partners doing literature survey, churning them into reader friendly briefings; organising dialogues, garnering views from various sections, synthesizing the results and lobbying their governments on the outputs of the whole exercise. All activities have been evaluated with reference to the role that international trade is playing or can play in reducing poverty in poor countries. [Report]

TDP Synthesis Report

Background papers prepared by the TDP project partners provides an overview of contemporary trade policies and their impact on development and poverty reduction in the 15 project countries, and outlines the framework through which the project activities will be conceptualised. This synthesis paper documents an overview of the findings of these background papers, drawing out common themes, which address the TDP linkages debate. It also recommends some areas on which the future activities of the project could focus.[Report]