September 2014

EU promises billions in sustainable development aid

Radio New Zealand, 30 September, 2014
The European Union will allocate over 3 billion-US dollars in grants to support sustainable energy in developing countries over the next seven years.

At UN debate, African leaders say global sustainability agenda must reflect local realities

UN News Centre, 29 September, 2014
With a new sustainable development agenda as the focus of this year’s annual General Assembly debate, African leaders today called on the United Nations to take into consideration the continent’s specific realities and challenges.

Cost of gathering data on new development goals could be crippling

The Guardian, 25 September, 2014
For the past decade and a half, the world has made a few smart promises with the millennium development goals (MDGs): to halve the proportion of people who suffer from hunger and poverty, get all children in school and dramatically reduce child mortality.

Obama to pledge new climate change help for other nations as leaders gather for UN summit

Main Street, 25 September, 2014
Many nations in the world may already be experiencing their peak yields for certain grain crops like rice, wheat and corn, but now two alarming new studies have been released that predict that the long-term security of our food crops be further compromised by climate change and.

U.N. Pushes Climate-Smart Agriculture – But Are the Farmers Willing to Change?

IPS News Agency, 18 September, 2014
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is expected to make a strong pitch to world political leaders at the U.N. Climate Summit in New York on Sep. 23 to accept new emissions targets and their timelines.

Developing Asian nations need to invest in sustainable transport, ADB executive says

Business Mirror, 17 September, 2014
Developing countries across Asia, including the Philippines, have a window of less than a decade to reverse current transport trends that encourage unsustainable solutions.

Building a green economy

Financial Express, 15 September, 2014
The fast-paced growth and development in India witnessed in recent years, catering to basic needs and aspirations of a billion people, has put rigorous strain on the natural resources, causing almost irreversible damage to the environment.

UN chief calls for commitment to South-South cooperation

Enewspaper, 14 September, 2014
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon Friday called for commitment to South-South cooperation to ensure shared prosperity and sustainable development.

Plant diversity in China ‘vital for global food security’

Farming UK, 09 September, 2014
With climate change threatening global food supplies, new research claims the rich flora of China could be crucial to underpin food security in the future.

Trade may not guarantee food security for all

DaijiWorld, 09 September, 2014
As the demand for food rises with a growth in world population, trade may not guarantee food security to countries heavily dependent on imports for their food supply, says a study.