The sixth WTO Ministerial Conference was scheduled at Hong Kong from December 13-18, 2005. The GRANITE team participated in the event. The team included the NCU and members from the project management team of partner states.
The event was a part of ICTSD’s Hong Kong Trade and Development Symposium. The objective of the event was to facilitate cross-fertilisation of experiences and lessons learnt on linkages between trade, development and poverty reduction in developing countries so that appropriate policy responses can be developed. In this era of globalisation, the role of international trade in poverty reduction cannot be denied and therefore, more research and discussions are required to explore these issues objectively.
A book titled “Globalisation and Livelihood Concerns: People’s Perception in Agriculture and Textiles & Clothing Sector in Rajasthan and West Bengal, India” was released during this event. It has been published as part of the project (GRANITE). The main objective of this study was to make an assessment of people’s perception prospects, perils and pitfalls of globalisation, especially the impact of WTO policies on agriculture and textile sectors in India in two important states of India- Rajasthan and West Bengal. Both these crucial sectors of Indian economy have been subjected to a steady and fundamental restructuring under the international trade regime.