‘What’, ‘Why’ and ‘How’ of Eco-labelling: Consultative Workshops for the Indian Textiles Industries

This is the first of five one-day consultative workshops whose overall objective is to promote sustainable production and consumption among the Indian textiles companies by encouraging them to increase the amount of eco-labelled textiles exports from India. The main outcomes of the workshop will be companies being informed about advantages presented by eco-labelling, being able to pursue these opportunities to improve their production, increase the supply of environmentally preferable products to both domestic and European markets, and gain access to the growing market of green products in Europe through a competitive advantage of the eco-labelled certified products.

After attending the workshop, participants should:

  • have improved understanding of eco-labelling, factors for its effectiveness and opportunities presented to producers and consumers;
  • understand the technical adaptation required by industries to meet the eco-label criteria;
  • understand and follow the application process for the EU flower certification;
  • understand how to place and market such products

Following the series of workshops, participating companies will be invited to submit business proposals for getting the eco-label awards for their products and three of them will be selected for the purpose of this project. They will receive technical assistance from the national experts to go through certification. The ultimate goal of these programmes is to have at least one (or more) products from India certified with the EU Flower.