Working Papers

Research reports are outputs of externally funded as well as internally resourced projects. They provide readers with the overview and background, comprehensive information on and detailed analysis of various components of research in a reader-friendly format.


  • Development Effects of the Doha Round on Small and Vulnerable Economies (SVEs)
  • 2008

  • Trade and Poverty Linkages
    A Case Study of the Poultry Industry in Bangladesh
  • Exploring the Post-1990s Trade-Labour Linkage in India
    A Set of Case Studies from West Bengal, Maharastra and Gujarat
  • Multilateral Trading System
    Is it India’s best option?
  • Domestic Preparedness for Services Trade Liberalisation
    Are South Asian countries prepared for further liberalisation?
  • Trade, Poverty Reduction and the Integrated Framework
    Are we asking the right people the right questions?
  • World Food Price Increase
    Where Does the Buck Stop?