Participants: Project-relevant state government officials..
Objective: To ensure better targeting, wider outreach and networking.
Timeframe: One in each of the two years of the project.
Methodology: State level workshop involving key government officials and other functionaries to be involved in the State Reference Group (SRG).

One workshop will be organised in each year i.e. in 2005 and 2006 and in each of the eight (8) states for key and project- relevant state government officials. This would also facilitate the formation of State Reference Group (SRG) in each state. One of the two workshops will focus exclusively on the formation of SRG that will act as a sounding board and check quality of outputs of the project. These would include:

  • elected representatives of parliament, legislative assembly/council, local government;
  • officials from key ministries, e.g. commerce & industries, agriculture, finance, rural development;
  • government agencies and quasi-governmental bodies relevant to trade and economic issues;
  • representatives of farmers organisations, small and medium enterprises, chambers of commerce, etc;
  • academia and other experts, specially economists and lawyers and research institutions;
  • media persons; and
  • key civil society organisations.

Current Status

  • Uttar Pradesh organised the workshop at Lucknow, on May 16-17 2006
  • Rajasthan organised the workshop at Jaipur, on December 21, 2005.
  • West Bengal organised the workshop at Kolkata on September 12, 2005.