India, Pak legislatures for exchange of ideas on good

Business Standard, March 13, 2016
Members of state and provincial legislatures from India and Pakistan as well as experts today said experiences on good governance in both the countries in development of agriculture and tourism provide great potential for exchange of ideas and cooperation.

In the third India-Pakistan Legislators and Public Officials Dialogue on Sharing of Experiences on Governance and Democracy held here for exchange of ideas, participants stressed on the need for more avenues of interaction and learning between the two countries.

“They agreed that each delegate has a responsibility to carry forward the proposals discussed for policy reform in two countries. Need for a time-bound roadmap in this regard was also highlighted,” a statement said.

The participants underscored the need for facilitating greater engagement of youth in the two countries in areas including democratic and governance development.

They agreed that enormous potential of cooperation on tourism promotion exists in the two countries which remains untapped.

“Tourism offers a key avenue of promoting peace between India and Pakistan. The two countries must explore avenues of promoting nostalgic and religious tourism as well.

“An exceptional example offered in this regard was that of respect and following of Sheikh Burhan-al-Din dargah in Rajasthan which is equally popular among Muslims and Hindus,” the release said.

Lack of relaxed visa regime was highlighted as a major stumbling block in promotion of tourism between Pakistan and India.

Delegates urged the governments of Pakistan and India to adopt citizen-friendly visa regime allowing free access to citizens of the two countries.

On the promotion of agriculture, the participants focused on learning from each country’s effective agricultural practices. The participants supported promotion and development of solar farming in arid areas. Need for research and cooperation for research in the sector were also stressed.

Both the countries must also focus on development and use of organic farming practices in the agricultural sector, the release added.

Deputy Speaker of Rajasthan assembly Rao Rajendra Singh, MLA Chotu Singh and other experts were present from the Indian side whereas the Pakistani delegation included senator Lt Gen (Retd) Abdul Qayyum, senator Saud Majeed, Muhammad Afzal Khan among others.
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