Invitation to the Panel Discussion

Session Title: Perspectives on Trade and Labor Migration

Session Date: September 13, 2003

Session Time: 3 pm to 5 pm

Session Venue: NH Krystal Hotel in Cancún, room Madrid I.

Organised by: The North-South Institute and Consumer Unity & Trust Society


Trade is not only about the cross-border movement of merchandises. It is also about people, people moving out of their country to work. Labor migration is not a new phenomenon, but its formal consideration in multilateral trade treaties is just starting. What is at stake in this new negotiating issue? What can developing countries gain from discussions on trade in services on mode 4? What can we learn from earlier regional experiences? To discuss these questions, The North-South Institute and CUTS invite you to a session on trade and labor migration.



  • The GATS negotiations on the Temporary Movement of Services Providers and Developing Countries- Pradeep Mehta, CUTS India
  • Demographics, Migration and Globalisation: Historical Perspectives
    and Future Prospects, Jean-Pierre Lehmann and Valérie Engammare, The Evian Group, Switzerland
  • Temporary Labour Mobility in North America: A Canadian Perspective, Ann Weston and Chantal Blouin, The North-South Institute, Canada