March 2018

Paul Krugman at News18’s Rising India Summit says nation has emerged as a superpower, but govt shouldn’t have heavy hand on economy

FirstPost, Mar 17, 2018

Nobel Prize-winning economist said India has marched ahead of countries like Japan and the progress it has achieved is 30 years is extraordinary. However, the government should not have a ‘heavy hand’ on economy, Krugman said, implying that the economy should open more in favour of private sector. More…

Tackle regional disparity in FDI

The Pioneer, March 21, 2018

Though FDI inflow has risen consistently in the last three years, Indian policymakers must pay attention to the regional disparities in terms of FDI and try and address key challenges. More…

Job growth in India: Development means creating good jobs

Financial Express, March 21, 2018

Job growth in India that accompanies output growth is anaemic, although not absent. We need to focus on the process of creating jobs in which workers are more productive. More…