The objective of GRANITE Phase II can be broadly divided into three categories:

The Directional Objective is to foster equity and accountability in the system of economic governance in India – at local, state and national levels. Only a system of good governance can pave the way for mainstreaming national policies that will benefit all sections of the society.

The Development Objective aims at ensuring a better economic literacy in India, particularly at the grassroots level, and enhance positive linkages between good economic governance -including its ramifications on political and social governance- and human development. In order to profit from the benefits of trade liberalisation, all stakeholders involved need to understand how markets function and recognise both opportunities and threats by analysing the potential effects of trade liberalisation.

Finally, the Project Objective is to generate a more coherent civil society voice on economic governance in India in the context of globalisation and its effects on the livelihoods of the poor, particularly women and other marginalized sections of the society.