October 2018

Women-supporting trade policies need better data, experts say

UNCTAD, October 31, 2018
The idea that governments around the world must support women as traders, workers and entrepreneurs to drive international commerce has been recognized in several multilateral agendas in recent years, but experts say that a data gap needs to be filled before the most effective policies can be designed.

Trade chiefs say WTO no longer sustainable, pledge reforms

Mint, October 26, 2018
Under the slogan of addressing “trade tensions” and rising “protectionism”, 13 trade ministers took the first steps in Ottawa, Canada, on Thursday toward the launch of a new round of trade negotiations saying the current situation facing the World Trade Organization is no longer sustainable.

How to create right balance for sustainable development

BusinessToday, October 22, 2018
In a recent article ‘The Invisible Hand Won’t Solve the Climate Crisis. Capitalism Must Evolve’, US professor Andrew J. Hoffman well articulates the perils of global unsustainability and the need to redefine the role of corporation and market.

Sustainable production and consumption safeguard biodiversity

UNCTAD, October 19, 2018
Responsible consumption and production help inject sustainability into the global value chains that underpin contemporary trade, as well as protecting diversity, spurring economic diversification and help curb poverty, an annual forum heard on 2 October.