State Level workshop on Grassroots Reachout & Networking in India on Trade & Economics (GRANITE) Phase II

April 20, 2010, Kota, Rajasthan
CUTS CITEE conducted a case study on Kota Doria in Kota, Rajasthan under GRANITE Phase 2 project. The State Level Workshop will provide a platform to share the research findings with stakeholders involved in Kota Doria work. This workshop will also take inputs from the invitees to make further improvements in our future course of action. Since the stakeholders will be in the best position to chalk out strategies which best suit local conditions their inputs will be invaluable for preparing the future roadmap of the project. The objective of state level workshop is as follows:

  • to present the research findings;
  • share opinions for making the NFTP more pro poor;
  • share views and opinions as to what could be done to increase exports of Kota Doria from Rajasthan; and
  • areas of further research