Monographs WTO


Intellectual Property Rights, Biodiversity and Traditional Knowledge # 13
This monograph starts with a brief account of different types of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs), including a brief overview of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs) Agreement. It focuses on biodiversity and its relationship with the IPR regime. The relationship between the Convention on Biological Diversity and the WTO TRIPs Agreement has been analysed, including comparing the relevant provisions of these two regulatory regimes. All questions have been addressed by citing examples so that this monograph can become an effective tool for enhancing economic literacy in countries like India.
pp 36, #0706, Rs 50/US$10, ISBN: 978-81-8257-085-6

ABC of Aid for Trade #12
This monograph attempts to give concise answers to the fundamental questions concerning A4T – from identifying needs and potential beneficiaries to the concerns of diverse stakeholders. A brief description of the evolution of trade-related assistance towards A4T as well as the latest trends therein offer some important insights into a better understanding of the major difficulties faced by developing countries amidst liberalisation and the call for complementary measures. While depicting the implementation challenges of A4T, this monograph discusses a number of reasons why market access is insufficient on its own to guarantee increased growth and trade.
pp 44, #0702, Rs.50/US$10, ISBN: 978-81-8257-081-8

ABC of WTO’s Dispute Settlement #11
This monograph focuses on the dispute settlement mechanism, which came into force with the establishment of the WTO in 1995. An introduction and basics on the development of WTO’s procedure for adjudicating trade disputes between member countries is presented by this monograph. This will help to introduce the WTO dispute settlement systems, which have become the most frequently used mechanisms for the settlement of disputes among governments.
pp 44, #0701, Rs.50/US$10, ISBN: 81-8257-081-6


ABC of Trade Facilitation #10
Trade Facilitation (TF) was first included in the WTO Ministerial in Singapore in 1995 for being negotiated and has gained high attention in recent times. Negotiations on TF was incorporated as the major modality under July 2006 Package of the Doha Round. However, even after a series of discussions under different initiatives and Ministerials, the North and the South are yet to reach a consensus on the various TF issues. This monograph attempts to educate the reader and build a fundamental foundation for understanding the basic issues concerning TF under GATT.
pp 30, #0613, Rs.50/US$ 10, ISBN: 81-8257-078-6


Trade Remedial Measures #8
This monograph is on trade remedial measures which provides all the relevant information about the most frequently asked questions on trade remedial measures. It also provides basic information as to what are the conditions under which trade remedial measures are imposed, what are the trends, the duration of imposition of these measures, the special and differential issues pertaining to trade remedial measures, the protectionist debate etc. India tops the list of countries imposing or initiating antidumping actions in the WTO.
pp 45, #0426, Rs.50/US$10, ISBN: 81-8257-043-3

WTO Agreement on Textiles and Clothing – Frequently Asked Questions #7
The WTO Agreement on Textiles and Clothing (ATC) is a complex one. This monograph attempts to address some of the basic questions and concerns relating to textiles and clothing. The aim is to equip the reader to understand the fundamentals of and underlying issues pertaining to trade in textiles and clothing.
pp 34, #0419, Rs.50/US$10, ISBN 81-8257-035-2

ABC of GATS #6
The aim of the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) is to gradually remove barriers to trade in services and open up services to international competition. This monograph is an attempt to educate the reader with the basic issues concerning trade in services, as under GATS. The aim of this monograph is to explain in a simple language the structure and implications of the GATS agreement, especially for developing countries.
pp 31, #0416, Rs.50/US$10, ISBN 81-8257-032-8

ABC of TRIPs #5
This booklet intends to explain in a simple language the Trade-related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs) Agreement (TRIPs), which came along with the WTO in 1995. TRIPs deals with patents, copyrights, trademarks, etc. and continues to be one of the most controversial issues in the international trading system. This monograph gives a brief history of the agreement and addresses important issues such as life patenting, traditional knowledge and transfer of technology, among others.
pp 38, #0407, Rs.50/US$10, ISBN: 81-8257-026-3


WTO Agreement on Agriculture – Frequently Asked Questions #4
As a befitting reply to the overwhelming response to our earlier three monographs, we decided to come out with a monograph on WTO Agreement on Agriculture in a simple Q&A format. This is the fourth one in our series of monographs on Globalisation and India – Myths and Realities, started in September 2001. This monograph of CUTS CITEE (CUTS Centre for International Trade, Economics & Environment) is meant to inform people on the basics of the WTO agreement on agriculture and its likely impact on India.
pp 48, #0314, Rs.50/US$10, ISBN: 81-87222-86-7


Globalisation and India – ABC of the WTO #2
This monograph is an attempt to inform the layperson about the WTO in a simple question-answer format. It is the second in our series covering WTO related issues and their implications for India. Its aim is to create an informed society through better public knowledge, and thus enhance transparency and accountability in the system of economic governance.
pp 25, #0213, Rs.50/US$10, ISBN 81-87222-59-X


Globalisation and India – Myths and Realities #1
This monograph, the first in our series is an attempt to examine the myths and realities so as to address some common fallacies about globalisation and raise peoples’ awareness on the potential benefits globalisation has to offer.
pp 32, #0105, Rs.50/US$10, ISBN: 81-87222-44-1


Is Trade Liberalisation Sustainable over Time?
Economic policy is not an easy area for either the laity or social activist to comprehend. To understand the process of reforms, Dr. Kalyan Raipuria, Adviser, Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, wrote a reader-friendly guide by using a question/answer format.
pp 29, #9805, Rs.50/US$10, ISBN: 81-87222-11-5

Social Clause as an Element of the WTO Process
The central question is whether poor labour standards result in comparative advantage for a country or not. The document analyses the political economy of the debate on trade and labour standards.
pp 14, #9804, Rs.50/US$10, ISBN: 81-87222-10-7