WTO Issues & Free Trade Agreements

Research reports are outputs of externally funded as well as internally resourced projects. They provide readers with the overview and background, comprehensive information on and detailed analysis of various components of research in a reader-friendly format.

Public Procurement
Need for a National Policy in India

Making trade a tool for poverty amelioration in the 21st Century
A report based on perceptions of global trade and development experts

Economic Diplomacy: India’s Experience

Edited by: Kishan S Rana • Bipul Chatterjee

Reflections from the Frontline: Developing Country Negotiators in the WTO

Edited by: Pradeep S Mehta • Atul Kaushik • Rashid S Kaukab

THE DOHA ROUND AND SOUTH ASIA Need for Better Coordination

Edited by: Bipul Chatterjee • Joseph George

Reforming the WTO: Developing Countries in the Doha Round

This book helps bring to centre-stage the role that developing countries have played over the decades in the multilateral trading system and makes a number of useful proposals for reforming and strengthening the system.

Agricultural Export Restrictions:
Welfare Implications and Trade Disciplines

Agricultural Export Restrictions