It is Impossible to Part Politics from Economics: Uday Sarkar

It is Impossible to Part Politics from Economics: Uday Sarkar

September 16, 2005, Mukhya Barta

Our Correspondent, Durgapur: Consumer Unity & Trust Society (CUTS) organised a workshop at Burdwan on September 12, 2005, in collaboration with Durgapur Indira Pragati Society. The workshop was inaugurated by Uday Shankar Sarkar, Sabhadhipati, Zilla Parisad, Burdwan. Among other distinguished personalities, there were C D Lama, Director, State Land Use Board, Debashis Bose, Additional District Magistrate (Development), Ashis Chakraborty, Additional District Magistrate (Social Welfare), Burdwan, Mita Dutta from CUTS Calcutta Resource Centre (CUTS-CRC) and Purnanda Roy from Durgapur Indira Pragati Society (DIPS).

Sarkar said, “It is impossible to part politics from economics. There is no such political decision, which do not have economic implication. The General Agreement on Tariffs & Trade (GATT) and World Trade Organisation (WTO) are not meant for the common people. These policies are designed to direct international capital for the economic enhancement. It has been a long time since GATT was signed but the benefits are still to percolate at the lower strata. The policies and intricacies regarding WTO agreements should be expressed in language of common mass. Organisation like CUTS can take such initiative.”

Debashis Bose expressed, “A State-level workshop on such an issue is being organised at Burdwan for the first time. We know how to protect ourselves from floods and droughts. But the possible impact of WTO agreements in the domestic economy is still unknown to us. We are susceptible to both positive and negative effects of these agreements, so in today’s workshop we should try to understand how these agreements are effecting our daily lives.”

Ashis Chakraborty said, “All of us would be affected by the impact of WTO and GATT on agriculture. So we should have at least the basic knowledge on these issues. I congratulate CUTS for taking this initiative.”

C D Lama said, “We should rethink and modify our concepts. We should create innovative designs especially for sarees based on their market demand.” She also laid emphasis on the use of advanced technology.

Purnananda Roy gave the welcome address. Mita Dutta and Tathagata Lahiri briefed the audience about the activities of CUTS.

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