NEED for understanding new trade policies

May 20, 2005, The Pioneer

The Network of Enterpreneurship and Economic Development (Need), a Lucknow based NGO in association with the Consumer Unity & Trust Society (CUTS) from Jaipur has taken up the job of implementing an innovative project GRANITE (Grassroots Reachout and Networking in India on Trade and Economics) in Uttar Pradesh with the primary objective of bringing about awareness on trade policies and associated economic reforms affecting the daily life of common people specially the rural farmers, women artisans, producer groups and others.

Giving information in this regard at a press conference held at Hotel Sagar International, Director, NEED, Anil Kumar Singh said that the economic environment had changed in the last decade after the formation of World Trade Organisation and with globalisation of markets across international borders.

He said,”Under this scenario, two major sectors in UP- agriculture and textile have been affected both positively and negatively.

The project is aimed priority at building capacities of the Indian Civil Society organisations and other stakeholders like media, trade unions, farmers and otehrs, so that they can comprehend issues of globalisation and the World Trade Organisation better and apply the learning in their respective fields of activities.”

Singh said that the project would be carried out in eight states of the country Rajasthan, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh.

According to Singh, the exercise would involve public hearing at five regions of the state, central, eastern, western, hilly and Bundelkhand- to understand the problems and perceptions of people.

Data collected through the exercise would be complied into a report that will be used at state level workshop. He said adding that media workshops would also be held to disseminate the information collected.

Anil Singh said that a report based on the findings of the study would also be given to the State Government for the formation of State Trade Policy Council.

The project will be launched on May 21 at Hotel Sagar International.