UNCTAD has a vital role to play: Chief

December 30, 2005 Hindustan Times

India has neither gained much nor lost in the Hong Kong WTO ministerial meet, said economist and UNCTAD Country Chief Veena Jha on Thursday.

Speaking to the media on the scenario after post Hong Kong WTO meet, Jha said UNCTAD had got a vital role to play for the benefits of marginal producers.

“There are too many ifs and buts in the recent WTO draft. Moreover, nothing has been finalised although breakthrough on some sensitive issues like subsidy on agricultural products, tariffs on Indian textiles by the western countries and USA has been achieved,” said Veena.

She added, “India farmers would have to be more competitive to sell their products in the western market.

Although western countries have promised reciprocal market access in services and Non-Agriculture Market Access (NAAM) but they are yet to be finalized.”

“India need to take care of its textile industry if there is one percent increase in the textile export then our 3.3 per cent annual GDP increases. Similarly we have to bargain hard in the BPO and information industry, which is he backbone of Indian economy,” said Veena.

Also present was International fair trade promoter Barbara Wilson of UK. She stressed on giving fair treatment to developing countries in the WTO. CEO, NEED Anil Kumar Singh was present on the occasion.

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